Your world is what you tweet.

How we perceive our surrounding is shaped by the many information we consume and share everyday. This exchange of information happens mostly on the Internet – endlessly and quick. But often there is only little time to orientate ourselves or to look around in peace.

Take a tour through our city shaped by news.

Scroll to follow the path.
Move mouse to look right and left.

Something seems off, right?
It is hard to know which way to look.

Start paying heed to what you should believe and what not to! 90% of the news here are fake.

Change perspective.

Got lost in an information overflow and don't know where to look at? Changing your point of view can help to see the whole picture.

We are almost there.

As long as misinformation obscure the facts and are ever-growing, we can't get a clear picture. It is time to take action. Scroll to go further.

The whole picture.

As you can see there are only a few you can truly believe. A new perspective helps you to identify them and see the big picture.

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